Success of IAP Worldwide as the Global-Scale Logistics Provider

Customer satisfaction is essential in every successful business venture. Consumers are the determiners of the way forward for your business and the next step to take as well. With an introduction of a product in the market, the producers and investors take the risk, acceptance of the product and embracing it as their own by the customers is the next significant step and great achievement the product makes.

IAP Worldwide (Ingenuity and Purpose) has been through the testing and emerged the best in the provision of services to its clients. The trial has seen it rise from a generator supplier to merging and taking over other firms and emerging as one of the global-scale logistics, facilities management and advanced professional and technical services provider. The significant step isn’t a one night or day jump; it takes a dedicated team, resilient leaders and greater motivation of what they will achieve by soaring higher.

Success factors
Clients have their mission on what they want to be done for them.  IAP Worldwide group takes the customers mission into consideration and make it their mission for the period they work for the client. At the end of a given project, the client has not only had their goals meet but rather, they have been exceeded. This then creates a market for other customers.

IAP has a dedicated group of employees; the team works hard to ensure they meet the target and ensure perfection of each project brought to them. They (IAP management) however, not only dictate to the employees but rather welcome every opinion brought to by employees and celebrate each achievement made by employees. This motivates and they excel further, the success of each employee being that of the company as well.

Great leaders are the key players for each success of an organization. The management is excellent, and sets high achievable goals, and not just sits around to see others fulfill them but are rather at the forefront of leading in achievements.

The IAP Worldwide has built their reputation over the 60 years they have been in operation, by providing the best services to clients, responding fast in the face of disaster, offering emergency services but more so going beyond their customers’ expectations.

This has facilitated its growth and expansion to now 25 countries, employing over 2000 employees yet still being the leader in global-scale logistics, winning most government contracts and changing the lives of those they come across in their everyday working activities.

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WEN System Delivers Big Bouncy Mane for Flat-Haired Blogger

Fine hair that lacks volume and movement is not fun, and many of us are cursed with it. Emily McClure is one of them and tired of the frustration trying to make her limp locks behave.

Like many of us, the beauty contributor for mistakenly believed that store bought shampoos that created big lathers were the answer for great-looking hair.

Wrong, says west coast styling icon Chaz Dean. He’s the famous celebrity hair guy who knew there had to be another way to wash, condition, entangle and treat hair properly without the sulfates-creating lather chemicals. These harsh detergents are present in most drugstore hair care products and gradually dull and weaken hair strands.

WEN hair was developed by Chaz Dean, consisting of gentle cleansing conditioners that offer a no-lather shampoo experience. These natural formulas deliver strength, shine and movement to all hair types.

Emily chose the right Sephora formula for her shoulder length hair. Because WEN is totally different from lather shampoos, a lot of product is required to fully cleanse the hair. That means 16-24 pumps of product for Emily’s mane, but when she read the directions, freaked out and refused to use the proper amount. She settled on 10 pumps, the minimum for short hair.

Emily decided on a 7-day Wen hair challenge and quickly noticed gorgeous, full, shiny hair when washing with WEN in the morning and then blow-drying and styling. She even snapped hair selfies to show her readers. Her friends immediately remarked about her new, glossy tresses.

Emily loved how WEN performed if she stuck to a daily morning cleanse. If she skipped a wash or altered the schedule to a nighttime wash, she felt the results weren’t as good.

Emily would try WEN again, if she had the time to commit to the hair care routine. Wen hair is available online via Amazon.

Read the results here:


Exploring the Contribution of Don Ressler to JustFab

JustFab is a rapidly growing subscription online store that was launched in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The company has grown its membership base from 1 million in 2011 to more than 10 million in 2016. All this growth has been attributed to the various features and developments that have been made available for members. In the 6 years JustFab has been operational With Adam Goldenberg, the company has extended its network to more than 5 countries. JustFab offers selections of denim, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Don Ressler and his effort
Don Ressler is a co-founding member of JustFab and has been supporting the company since inception. He brought up the idea behind the creation of JustFab and in 2010, he partnered with Adam Goldenberg to launch the online subscription ecommerce store.

A lot of funding was required to develop the brand so it could penetrate the competitive market. This inspired Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg to negotiate for credit and the company received $33 million in 2012 to aid in expansion. The loan was issued by Matrix Partners, an established venture capital based in the U.S. In the year that followed, they received another loan of $76 million, which financed the expansion of the company to cover Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Franchise businesses
FabKids, which was added into the JustFab network in 2013, operates separately but under the authority of JustFab, Inc. The company is a subscription online retail that stocks kids’ fashion. Fabletics is also a franchise that is managed by JusFab. The company was initially launched by Kate Hudson with Adam Goldenberg and offers high-quality active-wear for ladies. This includes premium training gears and swimsuits, designed to also speak fashion and beauty.

JustFab is also collaborating with People StyleWatch to offer the latest footwear and handbag collection, all exclusively on JusFab. The brand will tap into the trends that emerge during the spring and their design team will respond to market demands accordingly.

Members enjoy more flexibility since one can skip the month if you feel you will not need to purchase anything within that period at This is possible through the “Skip The Month” feature, which you should use before 5th of every month to claim the provision. There is no limit to the number of months you can skip since all you need is to activate the feature before the 5th of every month and you will not need to worry about accumulations on your subscription.