Bernando Chua, Business Leader in The Pacific Rim

Bernie,” Bernardo Chua, is one of the most highly regarded business people in The Pacific Rim. He has dedicated his career to coffees, teas, and other everyday products. However, his major success stems from his introduction of ganoderma to the world.

Born and raised in the Philippines, the well-known entrepreneur was able to experiment with various products in his homeland before he brought ganoderma to the North American market. Ganoderma is from the polypore mushrooms. They can be found growing on logs around the world. Chua attributes a great deal of his success to being able to work with the mushroom in his native country before taking the big step of supplying it worldwide. He was one of the first to market the herb successfully, outside of his region, with coffees and teas.

Bernardo is the founder and chief executive officer of Organo Gold. He has led the company so it is now the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. Aside from his leadership with the company he also dedicates himself to educating people about the many benefits the herb has to offer. This is an important endeavor for Chua and, unlike other competing companies, he makes certain his distributors and consumers become knowledgeable on ganoderma.

Organo Gold is stationed in Canada. Through his leadership the company currently has more than one million distributors around the world. Chua is proud of his energy to always focus on new ways to stay ahead of his competitors. Organo Gold, under his leadership, has become a global gourmet coffee company. The popular company continues to grow and is presently operating in 35 different countries.

It is no surprise that the leader of Organo Gold made a trip to Manila, Philippines, in 2015, in order to attend a very special awards ceremony. During the event Bernie and two of his Organo Gold teams received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan awards. In addition, the Organo Gold brand was awarded with two People’s Choice Awards.