Lufthansa Discontinues Flights to Venezuela

Visiting Venezuela is not something a lot of people have planned. A significant number of persons, however, would like to explore options of leaving. Now as reported by Dateas, both leaving and arriving the country have become a bit harder. The German airline giant, Lufthansa, is no longer flying into the country. The economic catastrophe in Venezuela has a consistent ripple effect. This is yet another one. Nothing good can come out of the airline company choosing to drastically curtail the business it does in the country.
Those in charge of Lufthansa like Ms. Norka Luque have noted that currency controls imposed by the Venezuelan government have led to the inability to convert the funds to dollars. Lufthansa simply cannot tolerate a situation of this nature. The company has to be able to turn a profit and access the funds it procures. If the currency in Venezuela declines in value and Lufthansa is stuck holding onto these funds, the company automatically sees a decrease in revenue and assets. Converting to dollars would be much safer for the airline company. The government won’t let them do this. So, Lufthansa has to look out for its own interests and cease doing business (in part) in Venezuela.

This is not the only incident of government policy being blamed for the country’s economic troubles. Poor government policy decisions are at the root of many economic disasters in Venezuela. Lufthansa is the most recent example. More are sure to follow.

George Soros And The Phone Call That Failed

If you are going to make prank phone calls, you must remember rule number one, hang up the phone when you finish. These phone pranking rules, apply to both teenagers as well as, known conservative activists such as James O‘Keef. It is not clear whether Mr. O’Keef took any classes on prank phone calling during his time at Rutgers University, before graduating in 2006.

Recently Mr. O’Keef was caught in his web of prank phone follies after placing a call to Open Society Foundations, leaving a message as a Mr. Victor Kesh. The voice mail was made to seem as if this man was trying to help the organization. Part of the message saying, “about supporting you guys and coordinating with you on some of your efforts.”

He stumbled from the start of the seven-minute voice mail saying, “My name is, uh, Victor Kesh. I’m a Hungarian-American, who represents a, uh, foundation . . . That would like to get involved with you and aid what you do in fighting for, um, European values.” This obviously unrehearsed prank could have gone better. The stumbling was just the beginning of the error of the conservative activists ways.

The second problem is, James O’Keef, didn’t hang up the phone before speaking to the other people in the room. He completely blew the whistle on his plan to infiltrate the foundation funded by progressive billionaire George Soros.

This phone scheme apparently did not work and has now made for more comical news than political activism. No matter which side you stand, this was seemingly amateurish for the man, who has used selectively edited undercover video to try to embarrass organizations like, NPR, ACORN, and Planned Parenthood.
Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Being caught in his very own comedy of conservative phone prankish behavior, O’Keef was forced to admit it was him on the line, and he was trying to infiltrate the Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation is a liberal group of international individuals who seek to unite people and government, assuring fairness and equality through human rights and equal rights for all. The subject of justice is an issue Mr. O’Keef apparently is trying to stop. This attempt for the conservative did not go so well, in fact, it is comical on

The Open Society Foundation spends much time trying to lead the way to create successful relationships, between governments and its people all over the world. Being funded and led by liberal leader George Soros.

Mr. George Soros is a liberal leader who seeks to use his influence, money, and public image to bring equality to people in over 100 countries. He has been known to support groups that help people, serve disaster efforts and bring balance to places that lack such human interests. George Soros has authored twelve books on various subjects and has made a mark in this world that will not be soon forgotten.

James O’Keef has been known to try and undermine many groups with selectively edited videos. Being criticized for his tactics for spinning views, and perceptions to the one sided right wing.

At one point O’Keefe Pleaded Guilty To Misdemeanor Criminal Charge Of Entering Senate Office Under False Pretenses. What he calls justice, most of the world calls undermining reality. 

See Why Brian Bonar Is Considered As A Financial Juggernaut

Brian Bonar is the director of Truecept Incorporated. As a popular and successful finance executive, his background of leadership in business is all-encompassing. Also, he has spearheaded the affairs of other prominent companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation where he found more substantial success and was generally revered as a helpful and wonderful individual.

Mr. Bonar is highly knowledgeable in building highly efficient business structures. These achievements can be clearly understood by his technical background. Brain attended James Watt Technical College where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering before heading to Stafford University to bag a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Bonar who currently holds a PhD has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation for over a decade. In 2000, he was named an Executive of the Year in Finance (Cambridge Who’s Who). In Dalrada Financial Corporation he is uniquely positioned to spearhead its operations. Brian Bonar has gained over 30 years of experience in the professional management of finance.

Before setting out to establish his own company, Bezier Systems, Brian Bonar worked hard to get some experience under his belt when he worked as a procurement manager for IBM before leaving for QMS, where he managed over 100 people as the company’s Director of Engineering.

However, he still remained with Adaptec for some time as its Sales Manager before leaving to work for a few other companies.  Get more details: Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on

While combining the creative power of an architect with the technical genius of an engineer, Brian Bonar has discovered how to take a creative and personable approach to life. He specializes majorly on creating mergers and acquisitions.

As a financial professional, he became part of the special honorees that were often drawn from various disciplines to be named executives of the year due to his unique innovative styles and leadership abilities which gave birth to his professional accomplishments.

While serving in Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Brian Bonar had been in charge of a wide selection of aftermarket products. Functioning as the company’s chairman and CEO, he spearheaded a vast collection of employee and employer benefits.

Until he received the Who’s Who Executive of the Year, He remained the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. At that time, the company – Dalrada Financial Corporation – served as a Marketing Liaison that is set towards increasing business efficiency by supplying it clients with a broad range of employee programs. Some of these programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits, the promotional and business management services, as well as financial management – and

Brian Bonar is the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. The financial profession who is currently affiliated with the American Finance Association also serves as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Apart from Finance, Brian love going on boating trips, playing golf and spending quality time with his family.

Testing Hair Product for a Week

Wen by Chaz  ( is one of those hair products that just about everyone has heard of, as there is a huge amount of hype surrounding the highly rated conditioner. WEN has a great reputation, has a ton of mainstream media attention, complete with a ton of celebrity endorsement, and is without question considered to be one of the top hair products on the market. The reputation that Wen by Chaz Dean has garnished, led Emily McClure to take on a one week challenge of her own, where she would use the hair products for seven days straight and track her results, as originally reported on Bustle.

After using the Sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner on her hair for the first time, which she considers fairly thin and tends to fall out in the shower, she said that she noticed her hair felt a lot fuller, but that later on in the day it felt a bit greasy. Her results were mixed throughout the week, but on the days that she said her hair did not feel the best, she states that she was in a rush, or simply did not get out of bed in time to take a shower and let the product do its work. On days where she got up early and used the product, she said that she would get compliments on her hair, that it felt a lot fuller, and that there was a clear amount of additional shine and bounce to her hair. These are things that she really liked about the product, but she ended up making the decision that she would only use Wen in the future on certain days when she wanted added volume and shine. In essence, it is now her go to when she wants that added boost, but that it won’t be her daily conditioner.

Venezuelan Drought Conditions Dry Up Beer Supply

The continuing drought in Venezuela is forcing the nation’s biggest beer producer, Empresas Polar SA to shutter four of its distribution plants as reported by El Venezolano. Empresas Polar SA provides three-quarters of the beer purchased in Venezuela. A victim of the low reservoir levels at the nation’s hydro-electric power stations, the company is laying off 6500 employees, as a cost-cutting move. The plant cutbacks leave Venezuelan consumers with a seven-day beer inventory before supermarkets go empty.
Even though the population is faced with food and medicine shortages, as well as rolling blackouts for the next 40 days, a beer shortage is seen as a larger problem. David Osio, an economic expert commented, “This is bad that beer factories are paralyzed because they generate work. Scarcity hurts Venezuelans.”

As much as the drought has brought economic turmoil to the country, it has heightened tensions between the government and private sector. President Nicolás Maduro’s government and Empresas Polar SA are engaged in an economic and political tug of war. With Empresas Polar SA’s announcement of its plant closings, Maduro has threatened to seize its physical assets. President Nicolás Maduro issued a statement, citing the plant closings as a violation of the law and that “It’s a serious crime, very serious.”

With the Empresas Polar SA plant shutdowns, liquor stores, distributors, and shipping firms are starting to feel its effect. Venezuelan’s want their beer back.